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Re: [IPk] Probs with pump etc.

> From: "abbey" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IPk] Probs with pump etc.
> Hi All
> I know there are lots of you on here who are far more together with
> your
> pumping than I, so I thought you might be able to give me some
> reassurance and
> advice.
> My blood sugars have been very erratic for over a week, but as I was
> on
> anti-biotics for a throat and ear infection I put the prob down to
> this. I
> subsequently bolused more to compensate, but control still very
> erratic with
> sugars between 2 and 20.  However, thursday night/friday morning
> things came
> to a head with a complete inability to get sugars down.  Before bed
> it was
> 13.8 so i bolosed an extra 2 units,  2 hours later having been semi
> asleep i
> awoke to a 30 reading.  I changed cannular, checked line, etc bolosed
> again
> but sugars wouldnt budge.  By this time I was feeling far too lousy
> to think
> straight, and should have given myself an injection but I was not in
> any state
> to think logically.  I ended up feeling very very poorly, with very
> high
> ketones.  By morning I had bolosed 44 units, and my sugar was 18.
> With hindsite, I can now see that the pump was the problem, and guess
> that it
> was working but only erratically, ( I have also spotted a crack in it
> which
> may be the cause?).  I now have borrowed another pump and will send
> the old
> one off for checking/repairing.
> I feel, firstly, very stupid that I didnt realise the pump was faulty
> sooner,
> and that I didnt/couldnt make the judgement to inject insulin via a
> pen or
> needle.  This has left me feeling very vulnerable, and I question my
> own
> judgement.  I certainly dont want to go through that experience again
> in a
> hurry.
> I am also very tired still and feel pretty crabby, is this normal
> after being
> extremely Ketotic?
Various thoughts:
firstly, after 3 years on the pump, it would not have occurred to me
either that the pump was malfunctioning - mostly because it has never
happened to me during the 3 years - so that was really bad luck for you
- one of my general thoughts about diabetes has been that it requires
one to problem-solve most clearly and rationally at just exactly the
times when one feels least well able to do so.

Obviously, even if you had used any other pump strategy to cope with
the high blood sugars it wouldn't have helped if the pump was not
working, but in general if I suspect that I am ill, I would use
temporary high basal rates (up to 140 or 150%) in addition to boluses
to get blood sugar down - I often find that the high basal is somehow
more effective - though one does have to be careful be careful for
day/night variations (when I am just mildly ill, I find that I may only
need high basal rate from early evening through to early morning and
not during daytime, whereas if I am really ill, I would typically need
it throughout the 24 hours), and to watch for the time when you recover
from whatever bug and are suddenly back to normal.

Lastly, any time that I have been ketotic, it has taken at least a
couple of days to feel normal again - and I was told that was to be

Feel better

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