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Re: [IPk] Esprit meters and the glucoWatch

Jenny I have a 7 year old daughter with D, she has in the past had quite a
quite a few seizures at night due to severe hypos.  At the moment I or my
husband check her at 2.00am nearly every night and sometimes again later if
there is a problem.  I would love a Gluco Watch. I would really like a night
of unbroken sleep. Or at least being alerted only if there is a problem.
Cygnus are bringing out another model that only requires 2 hour warm up time
( still a long time) and that takes more frequent readings.  If anyone would
like to see some e-mails from a mother whose 12 year old son took part in
GlucoWatch trials in the US I have quite a few mails.  Her son is a pumper
and their experience was very good. As were other children taking part in
the trials.

> St George's Hospital had an open evening on Tuesday,
> with reps from Minimed, Disetronic, Glucowatch and
> Accuchek. There seem to be so many drawbacks with the
> Glucowatch that I can't imagine many people buying it
> - am I wrong?! I can see it would be useful for
> measuring overnight fluctuations but apart from that,
> well I'd quite happily finger prick every 20 minutes!

I would think it would be very good for a child at school.  Sasha ended up
last week doing about 5 or six tests at school because she kept going low
(this was just before she got chicken pox so that might be why it  was low)
I should think for an adult, in the day, that testing more often would be
just as effective not to mention cheaper.

> Anyway, one childish outcome from the evening: I have
> got a new Accuchek meter which looks like a mobile
> phone - cool! It only takes 5 seconds but you still
> have to take strips out of a tub so on balance I
> prefer the Esprit.

I love all this technology!!
> Jenny
This new meter sounds really good I want one now.

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