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Re: [IPk] Sites and bg's

Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 09:10:39 +0100
From: "Elizabeth OShea" <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IPk] Sites and bg's

>What do you do about adjusting basal rate of the pump to cope with the
changes?  any other suggestions?

>Currently I'm winging it, because I don't seem to have patterns 
anymore! So,
>for example, I think I currently need more insulin between 3.30pm and 
>and less insulin after about 9pm, but this is quite subject to change
>without notice so I'm just topping up with boluses rather than 
>a pattern _again_, so that I can tweak it again in a week. Yes, I know

>pump stores three patterns, but I'm getting sick of changing them!

drat! and I was thinking that when I finally get the new Disetronic
pump which allows one to program more than one pattern, this would
really solve the problem!
I seem temporarily to be requiring less insulin at night, but extra,
over and above the increase I had already programmed for the dawn
effect, between 8-10 in the morning.  If I land up with nice normal
blood sugar before going to bed, I have to set the basal level down to
80% of normal to avoid going low during the night.  

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