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[IPk] Finally got pluged in to my MiniMed pump 14/10/01

Well it's been five days since I started the saline week with my pump.

Monday I was connected to the pump with the lovely nurse Ann,  then it was up
to me from now on.

The first time I had to get changed in front of someone, I was waiting for
them to say Ho! what's that Donald,  but do you know ,nobody said anything and
I am not even sure that they noticed, then again maybe they find that I am not
worth looking at,  that must be it.

Anyway I started to do my boluses and I got mixed up,  I remembered when Ann
was talking to me she said that I have to divide the unit of insulin by 15
grams of carbohydrate to work out how much unit of insulin for each meal.

You can see my mistake,   what she was telling me was how many gram of
carbohydrate goes with each unit of insulin.

The first night at home when I was frightened to give myself a bolus even if
it was only water.  I wonted to get I right the first time, and cause I got
mixed up,  sorry Ann.

The next day at 8 am it was time for my breakfast bolus and now I don't get
out the calculator to work it out I just put in 8 units of insulin as per the
pump tells you.

Now it's Thursday and I could not wait to get home and have my nights bath and
change the infusion set over and fill a new reservoir up with the

So before I jumped it to the bath I disconnected the  pump and pulled out the
calliper, the first bath this week with out any hindrance from the pump, it
felt good.

After the bath it was time to replace the infusion set so I picked the set to
try, it was the Silhouette set,
I got the booklet out and went through the instruction with number one. wash
your hands so on,
but I thought I could remember all what Ann had told me on my first day so I
did not work my way through all of to info on the page.

What did I do wrong, I was priming the infusion tubing and I forgot the
priming setting and I primed it with the bolus control 5 unit 10 units and no
bubble at the end of the set,  another 10 units and still no bubble, ?????
what was going wrong, I got on the phone to Ann she was not there so I left a
message for her stating the problem,  and then I sat back down feeling a
little down cause I could not get it going.

Ann phoned me back,  I told her what was going on.

I had forgotten to prime manually before the prime control so I went in to it
and primed it the way I was suppose to, first by hand then with the pump, I
set it to 5  priming units as the booklet stated, or should I say what Ann had
pencilled in, and then the bubble appeared.

Today is Saturday and I had a hard day at work, the time is 19:30, time to
bolus or should I say eat, so I got the pump out to press the sel button and
what did I see  (LO Volume ) what was this so I got the book out and found
that if you prim the setting wrong then something happens, I was at a loss,
I phoned the 24 hour help line as I thought that I would not get through to
Ann straight away.

Spoke to the fellow and he explain what to do.

Look at the number that mark the ml on the reservoir I told him it was just
blow the 2 ml mark , he said is it more than 180 or less than 200 I told him
180 and I did what he told me and it was set to go again.

I have tried to remember how he did it but I cant, so I will have to go
through this once more so it will sink in to my little brain. I have such a
lovely brain.

Anyway I am set to have a restful Sunday maybe lunch out in Greenwich we will
have to see.

more after Monday "THE INSULIN DAY"
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