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Re: [IPk] Esprit meters

>Just as an after thought from the latest mail regarding the Espirt meters I
>was wondering if anyone has tried to present the "log" sheet of readings
>etc. to their nurse or Doctor? I took along 2 weeks of blood data to my
>nurse and she told me it was too much information (some of you may remember
>I had a moan on this site at the time :) I like the meter and all the info
>you can present, it would just be nice if you could bash it out with your
>nurse if you can't figure it out yourself from time to time.

Hilly - at this very moment, as an "experiment", I am testing my bg every
20 minutes. Remind me not to go and see your nurse :-)

I'll carry on with this for a few more hours till I go to bed... but in
fact things seem surprisingly steady. Bit like having a GlucoWatch without
the rash!


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