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Re: [IPk] Probs with pump etc.


Sorry to hear that you are not well. I hope that you are feeling better now.

As you know, infections often cause a rise in blood sugar and you correctly 
bolused extra insulin. At a reading of 13.8, I would certainly have given 
more than 2 units because I think that you would have known that your blood 
sugar was rising at that time. Two hours later when you tested again and saw 
that your blood sugar was still going up and suspected that there might be a 
problem with your infusion site, I would have immediately given an injection 
and then changed the site. Don't beat around the bush with high sugars and 
ketones. And remember that if you test ketones in the urine, there is a time 
delay of several hours. They would have been present much earlier.

A person does feel very tired and nauseous during ketosis and it does take 
some time before you will feel better. I wouldn't blame yourself for not 
knowing that the pump was faulty, if indeed it turns out to be. After all, 
you were not well and it was during the night. It could have happened to 
anyone. Just keep an insulin pen filled with a cartridge in the house or 
wherever. I never go anywhere without mine.

I hope that you will soon be feeling better. And just as an after thought 
about ketone testing, I use the MediSense Optium which tests both blood sugar 
and ketones in the blood so that I will know when I am getting ketones much 
earlier than if I used the ketostix.

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