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[IPk] Probs with pump etc.

Hi All

I know there are lots of you on here who are far more together with your
pumping than I, so I thought you might be able to give me some reassurance and

My blood sugars have been very erratic for over a week, but as I was on
anti-biotics for a throat and ear infection I put the prob down to this. I
subsequently bolused more to compensate, but control still very erratic with
sugars between 2 and 20.  However, thursday night/friday morning things came
to a head with a complete inability to get sugars down.  Before bed it was
13.8 so i bolosed an extra 2 units,  2 hours later having been semi asleep i
awoke to a 30 reading.  I changed cannular, checked line, etc bolosed again
but sugars wouldnt budge.  By this time I was feeling far too lousy to think
straight, and should have given myself an injection but I was not in any state
to think logically.  I ended up feeling very very poorly, with very high
ketones.  By morning I had bolosed 44 units, and my sugar was 18.

With hindsite, I can now see that the pump was the problem, and guess that it
was working but only erratically, ( I have also spotted a crack in it which
may be the cause?).  I now have borrowed another pump and will send the old
one off for checking/repairing.

I feel, firstly, very stupid that I didnt realise the pump was faulty sooner,
and that I didnt/couldnt make the judgement to inject insulin via a pen or
needle.  This has left me feeling very vulnerable, and I question my own
judgement.  I certainly dont want to go through that experience again in a

I am also very tired still and feel pretty crabby, is this normal after being
extremely Ketotic?

Many thanks for reading my rantings and I hope you will be able to offer me
reassurance and advice.

Sharon Large
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