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Re: [IPk] Sites and bg's

> I agree - in my case it is definitely related to physical activity (but
> not in any easily quantifiable way), and weather and emotional things,
> not time of the month in my case (emails do not reveal my age!) - what
> I believe though is that my insulin requirements seem very sensitive to
> these fluctuations, to the point that variation in blood glucose
> following the same meal on different days is far more likely to be due
> to some combination of those things than due to say a somewhat larger
> or smaller carbohydrate portion size.  Also since the immediate effects
> of exercise seem to be very dependent on level of blood sugar and
> available insulin when starting the exercise, that is another factor,
> and again not one that is easily quantifiable, since it depends on
> insulin sensitivity at the time, which itself fluctuates.  Recipe for
> extreme frustration in maintaining stable blood glucose, but nice to
> know that I am not alone.
> What do you do about adjusting basal rate of the pump to cope with the
> changes?  any other suggestions?

HI Nanette
yes, I too think I am very sensitive to these kinds of effects and changes.
The only real solution I've found is to test frequently and adjust a lot. I 
actually try not to alter my basal rates too much, because often it's a 
change that only lasts for a day or two, and by the time I've figured out 
what's going on,  I need to change it back again!  I do try not to eat foods 
which I know are likely to cause chaos to my BG levels too often though, and 
that seems to help in keeping things even. That way I'm more likely to be 
able to see what the cause of the BG changes are.
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