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RE: [IPk] Wheat

while we're on the topic of wheat, I thought I'd share my non-wheat soda
bread recipe, because I promised it to someone on the list and others might
enjoy it.


10-12 oz. rye flour
6-8oz. fine porridge oats (mill half of them to flour)
1-2 heaping teaspoons bread soda (bicarb of soda in the UK, baking soda in
the US)
1/2 teaspoon baking powder (optional, but gives an extra rise)
to taste: sesame seeds, an ounce or two, poppy seeds, an ounce or two, hemp
seed, etc., etc.
To mix: water, milk, soya milk, about a pint (20 oz).

Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Add the liquid and mix
til blended. If you want a moist loaf, add more liquid and bake longer.

Pour into greased, floured bread tin(you need to do this with teflon as
well) and bake at 180-200C for oh, half hour to 90 minutes, depending on how
moist you made the mix! You can tell it's done by a) the smell b) sticking a
knife through the middle and seeing does it come out clean (if it does, the
bread's done) and c) by tapping the bottom of the loaf when you turn it out.
It should sound hollow.

This takes only five minutes from jar to oven and is well worth making. If
you haven't greased and floured a tin before, what you do is rub butter or
spread around the tin and then put a tablespoon of flour in the tin and
shake it round (best to do over the sink) til the tin is coated with it.
This prevents the bread sticking. And many have not believed that you need
to grease and flour a teflon tin to prevent the bread sticking, but verily
it is true.

Happy baking!

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