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Re: [IPk] Esprit meters

> Di - you are at great risk of sounding like the sort of person who designed
> that pointless feature... how often do you slide the cover forward, and
> then wait 3 seconds till it shows you how many strips it thinks it has
> left? (And that figure may easily be wrong.)

Every morning, when I pick up my meter from my bedside table and put it into 
its case to go into my bag. it's very rarely wrong. If I think it is, I open 
it up and have a look.

> A half decent designer would present that info as part of the normal
> testing routine - not require you to do something separate to find out how
> many are left. Perhaps while it's waiting for the blood, it could flash the
> number of remaining strips on the screen. Don't know.

I agree - that would make more sense.

> But anyhow, as you and Bev and I have all concluded: having the 10 strips
> on one disk still requires you to take a spare disk with you.

The point was making sure you didn't run out of strips withut having to carry 
around a big tub of strips with you. For me, the Esprit provides that 
facility. But I appreciate that others may not find it so.

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