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Re: [IPk] Esprit meters

>> Yes - but when you test your waking bg, with a tub you would register that
>> you were down to your last 2 strips, and probably remember that an hour
>> later as you rush out. Using an Esprit you can't register it, as you don't
>> see it.
>yes you do. You see the number of strips left every time you turn the meter

Di - you are at great risk of sounding like the sort of person who designed
that pointless feature... how often do you slide the cover forward, and
then wait 3 seconds till it shows you how many strips it thinks it has
left? (And that figure may easily be wrong.)

A half decent designer would present that info as part of the normal
testing routine - not require you to do something separate to find out how
many are left. Perhaps while it's waiting for the blood, it could flash the
number of remaining strips on the screen. Don't know.

But anyhow, as you and Bev and I have all concluded: having the 10 strips
on one disk still requires you to take a spare disk with you.

There we are :-)


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