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Re: [IPk] Esprit meters

> Another thing I hadn't noticed.  Actually the reason why I
> like the cartridge is because I have a little soft purse that
> I carry the meter in, along with a small golf pencil, a piece
> of paper (to record results and what I eat and bolus), a
> small folded envelope (for used strips) and a spare
> cartridge.  The whole thing takes up virtually no space at
> all in my bag and contains everything I need.  I simply add a
> new spare cartridge in the morning when I test my bg if there
> isn't one in the purse and so I never run out and don't need
> a whole tub of strips.
> Bev

Yes, I always throw a new cartridge into my bag in the morning along with my 
meter. Occasionally I check my bag and find 6 spare cartidges in there, and 
then I take some out again. I almost never use more than a  whole cartridge 
in a day, so I never run out, and in any case, I always keep an additional 
spare cartridge in my emergency kit bag (pencil case). 
I find it takes up so much less space than a whole tub of strips. The only 
alternative I would consider would be foil-wrapped strips - for the 
portability reason - but they're a pain to unwrap (especially when you're low 
or in a hurry).
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