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Re: [IPk] RE: Esprit Meters, Palm Pilots and BG records

Bev - I originally bought my Psion3a to store my diabetes data. I even
wrote some graphing software for it. Looked very pretty. But like so many
noble ideas, it fell by the wayside... This happened a) when I got my
Esprit, which stores 100 results, so only needs downloading once a
fortnight and b) when I got my pump, since the insulin record system was no
longer valid.

In fact I "ported" the Psion software to Perl, and it now runs the web
package at http://www.bzs.org/~jneale/cgi-bin/dmplot/ (This is still an
experimental site. Try http://www.diabetease.com if you want something

>I am now thinking
>though that given that I have a port for my Palm on my PC at
>work perhaps I should down-load a couple of months onto my
>Palm to carry about with me.  I have a habit of going into
>restaurants and making the same mistakes all over again
>because I can't remember how much I bolused the last time.

I once connected the serial port on my Esprit to the serial port on my
Psion - and they talked to each other - without any external power or help
from a PC!!! (although I had to improvise with bent paperclips, as I didn't
have the right cable connector) So you can "grab" the data by that route -
and the cable I was lacking is a standard connector easily bought. If you
are partially sighted, the Psion could even speak the last result to you.
If anyone would like that, let me know. If anyone wants the Esprit download
protocols, I have those too.


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