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Re: [IPk] Sites and bg's

> Sorry I don't have any ideas about the site issue, but I was so struck
> by what was written below that I had to respond.  Since start of DM
> nearly 4 years ago, I have had a patches of several (3-10) days in a
> row where I need less insulin than usual, seem to have normal or near
> normal blood glucose almost regardless of what I eat, easily get hypo,
> then back to normal or to a high insulin phase where for a few days I
> need more than usual.  I find it much easier to control with the pump
> than on injections, at least not having to deal with unpredictable
> peaking of long-acting insulins, and being able to respond quickly to
> changes, but it still is not easy to know how to deal with these
> different phases and the abrupt and unpredictable transitions between
> them.
Hi Nanette
 I've experienced the same thing, although I've only noticed it since going 
on the pump 2 1/2 years ago.
Recently I've made 2 discoveries that may explain it.
(1) wildly different insulin needs at different times of the month
(2) the effect of exercise. By this I mean that if I exercise less than usual 
over a period of 2-3 days, my insulin resistance will increase for up to a 
week afterwards. And if I exercise more than usual for 2-3 days, my insulin 
resistance will decrease for up to a week afterwards. Bearing in mind that 
most people don't do exactly the same amounts of exercise every day, or every 
week, and it's clear that these high insulin and low insulin phases can 
easily occur (and it's not immediately obvious that they're 
exercise-related). Combine that with different insulin needs at different 
times of the month, and various other factors such as the weather, and the 
whole thing seems less weird.
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