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Re: [IPk] Sites and bg's

 > From: "Audrey Sheal, SE Grampian" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IPk] Sites and bg's
> Message from Judith Keeble
> Thank you to everyone who replied with ideas to my mail(yes, I think
> I 
> remember seeing you at Manchester Diabetes Centre, Di). This is my
> first 
> experience of a web newsgroup so I hope I'm doing this right! 
> The problem in more detail, Michael, is as follows:
Sorry I don't have any ideas about the site issue, but I was so struck
by what was written below that I had to respond.  Since start of DM
nearly 4 years ago, I have had a patches of several (3-10) days in a
row where I need less insulin than usual, seem to have normal or near
normal blood glucose almost regardless of what I eat, easily get hypo,
then back to normal or to a high insulin phase where for a few days I
need more than usual.  I find it much easier to control with the pump
than on injections, at least not having to deal with unpredictable
peaking of long-acting insulins, and being able to respond quickly to
changes, but it still is not easy to know how to deal with these
different phases and the abrupt and unpredictable transitions between

The only person I know who describes somewhat similar experience
(though difficult to tell since it was before home glucometers were
available) is my brother, who said his first 10 years of DM were the
worst, and since then his insulin requirements have been much more
Good luck
> If you're wondering why I'm bothering with the pump at all, when I
> was on 
> injections I had periods of time when I would need very little
> insulin, 
> hypo a lot (even once when I had forgotten my lunchhtime dose!) and
> then 
> have a week or so of needing a lot more insulin. I could never work
> out a 
> regular pattern and it was suggested I was responding erratically to
> long 
> acting insulin and so the pump would be better.  When it did work, it
> worked well.
> Sorry to have rambled on for so long.
> Judith

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