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Re: [IPk] Wheat

Could some of the rise may be due to the fat content converting into
Sasha (7) seems to get this effect if she has a lot of cheese in the meal.
Curry and nan have quite a lot of fat in them too.  I have never managed to
solve this problem of the  late rise that seems to happen with some of these
meals other than by getting up at 2 am and giving extra insulin.  Of course
a pump may be a help if we had one.

Sasha, who is going for a coeliac biopsy next Thursday (chicken pox
permitting) tends to have a delayed absorption and a slow digestion rather
that highs from eating wheat products but we do get delayed highs. I thought
this could be that as the food moves along the gut it doesn't get absorbed
properly until it reaches a place where there is less damage then the bg
increase quickly. But I will not know if this is the cause for a few weeks.

Mum of Sasha
Now spotty with chicken pox.
But feeling well.

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> This Wheat thing has got me thinking now. Last night I was bit busy and
> had 4 slices of cheese on toast at about 9pm BG 6.5 bolused 7 units.
> During the night kept waking up with high bg's and gave myself a total
> of 10units and still woke up at bg12. I offen have the same problem when
> I go out for a Curry and have a Vindaloo and Peshwari Nan bread. No
> rice. During the night BG's just rise and cant get things back to normal
> for about 18hours.
> I think I will try changing from Nan bread to rice and see if things
> improve.
> Miles
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