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Re: [IPk] Wheat

> Bg chaos here last night - my wife (bless her!) announced we were having
> rice noodles with our dinner. Never had them before. Sat down for dinner
> and bolussed 2.5 units - and my pump ran out of insulin at 0.7. Damn. I
> would usually go and refill it, but there was no hurry. I'd do it after
> dinner. So I raised the drive arm, pushed it back a bit, and flipped it
> back down, so it would run without pushing. Easy quick solution. No need to
> fiddle around with silly buttons. The noodles were disgusting btw. And
> unknown to me, they were not made with rice, but with mung bean starch. I
> know nothing about mung beans. But what I do know is that when I refilled
> my pump an hour later, my bg had shot up to 22. Certainly an hour without
> insulin will have had it's effect, but is there gluten in the mung beans?
HI John
I am famous for my "mung bean surprise" dish, as Elizabeth will tell you :-)
I find mung beans have a very slow release of carbs,  similar to lentils but 
even slower, so I would be surprised if they were the cause of your high BG.
Although the fact that they were in the form of rice noodles may have made a 
difference to their absorption rate. There definitely isn't gluten in mung 
beans, but what they add to them to make into noodles I've no idea.
I often have problems like that when I run out of insulin though - if I don't 
refill straight away. In my case it's because I tend to get air bubbles at 
the end of the insulin, so by the time I get the empty alarm I'm already 
missing a fair bit of insulin.
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