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RE: [IPk] RE: Esprit Meters, Palm Pilots and BG records

> I have a habit of going into
restaurants and making the same mistakes all over again
because I can't remember how much I bolused the last time.

Does anyone else try and carry a subset of their bg history
around with them?

Hi Bev -

I have detailed log books going back to the week I was released from
hospital (in 1997). One of the reasons I keep these is so I can look back
and see what worked. So, when we went to visit a friend in REading and I
knew we were going to the Chinese restaurant with the red bean paste buns, I
took my log book that included our previous visit and used it to determine
my insulin for my second massive-dinner-plus-red-bean-paste-bun meal. Doing
this allowed me to eat with impunity and have in range BGs. I was well
chuffed with myself!

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