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RE: [IPk] Wheat

>I know a number of non-diabetic, non-coeliac people who have felt much
>healthier and more alert after giving up wheat. I think there must be
>something in it other than gluten that causes problems for people.

This is fascinating...

So for 20 years (on injections) I would usually have a bowl of cereal
before going to bed to "keep up" my bg during the night. But what was
possibly happening was that the wheat in the cereal was actually creating
chaos, and *causing* the bg to go all over the place. Hmmm. And no doctor
every thought to mention this possibility to me. Or did I ask the wrong
questions? I've also had trouble in the past with Horlicks, which, guess
what, is wheat based.

Bg chaos here last night - my wife (bless her!) announced we were having
rice noodles with our dinner. Never had them before. Sat down for dinner
and bolussed 2.5 units - and my pump ran out of insulin at 0.7. Damn. I
would usually go and refill it, but there was no hurry. I'd do it after
dinner. So I raised the drive arm, pushed it back a bit, and flipped it
back down, so it would run without pushing. Easy quick solution. No need to
fiddle around with silly buttons. The noodles were disgusting btw. And
unknown to me, they were not made with rice, but with mung bean starch. I
know nothing about mung beans. But what I do know is that when I refilled
my pump an hour later, my bg had shot up to 22. Certainly an hour without
insulin will have had it's effect, but is there gluten in the mung beans?

Audrey - congrats on your 1st anniversary :-)


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