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[IPk] Wheat

There is obviously something in the air at present - I too have changed from
eating a wheat based cereal to good old porridge (I guess you have to be
Scottish to actually want to eat that stuff!) and the difference in my
morning BG's is incredible.  I had always thought my high mid morning BG's
were linked to my exercise, but now I wonder if it was the cereal (tried a
few different ones).  In fact, on porridge my whole day's BG's seem to be
steadier.  Interestingly yesterday I decided to have toast and scrambled
eggs and my BG's were not nearly as smooth.  

I know porridge is fantastic in terms of glycemic index, but I did not
really believe that it would make this much of a difference.  What is also
interesting is that sometimes I add dried fruit to my porridge and even that
does not make a big impact BG-wise.

Audrey Sheal
IDDM 21 years, Minimed 508 Pumper 1 year last Tuesday!

> I've just made a really weird discovery... a week ago I cut wheat out of
> my
> diet. This was after private discussions with several people about coeliac
> disease, and gluten/wheat allergy. I was curious to see what the results
> were in me. I've replaced the wheat with similar amounts of other carbs
> (potato/rice/corn etc). To my surprise the result has been unusually
> stable
> bg results. The after-breakfast "blip" has disappeared. I'm now having
> corn
> flakes and sweet espresso coffee - I used to have Bran Flakes or Honey
> Loops (Loops fairly high in fibre btw). And all day my bg stays mostly
> between 4 and 10. This has previously been only a fantasy for me!!!
> (Things
> had been slipping lately - I was lucky to be getting 60% of my readings
> between 4 and 10.)
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