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Re: [IPk] Wheat

Hi Di

Sainsbury's does seem to have the biggest range of gf foods they also have a
small range of milk free stuff too, but even then there is only a small
selection.  They have more than at most of the other supermarkets.  Lots of
foods as you know are already naturally gluten free but lots of ready made
foods have them added and you have to check carefully. Lots of soups and
sauces have wheat in but a few don't.  You have to walk past rows and rows
of bread and cakes and biscuits to get there so it seems like a very small
selection when you arrive at the shelves.  Coeliac UK sends a list of
manufactured foods that are gf.  They also send online updates of new foods
that are gluten free and lists of products that are now deleted from the
list as the ingredients have changed.

Yesterday, I was looking for some Mini Cameo's, small choc ices on a sticks
that Tesco's make.  They are something like 15 carbs and are just right for
a snack for Sasha.  There weren't any there again, but there were some New
American Style Choc ices in their place. Same Carb or lower.  I checked on
the box and there is wheat in them!!! It doesn't matter until after the
biopsy but I hope that they haven't stopped making the Cameo Choc ices.


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> Speaking of wheat-free, gluten-free and other dietary restrictions,
> apparently Sainsbury's have apparently just released a  whole series of
> ranges for special dietary needs. Wheat-free products and gluten-free
> products are two of them - I can't remember what the others are offhand
> there's a whole list.
> Although I just looked on their website and there doesn't seem to be any
> mention of them....
> Di
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