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RE: [IPk] Esprit meters

Hi Bev

I use PocketScan, made by Lifescan.

It is very small, holds a bottle of 25 test strips, and is quick, 15 seconds 

There have been reports that when you change the batteries you might get an 
error message, but this has not happened to me yet.

It doesn't have the colour coding on the side though.

it is the best meter I have ever used, and I am touching wood that when/if I 
change batteries it will be OK!

Boots sells them for #17.

Good luck,


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>Subject: RE: [IPk] Esprit meters
>Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 13:41:50 +0100
>Thanks Di
>Yes I will check - I will also look for air bubble too
>(thanks Mark).  What I need is a meter that is 1.small, 2.
>Has cartridges so that I don't have to carry a bottle of 50
>strips every where I go, 3. Quick and 4. has a colour change
>on the back to show that you have enough blood (like my
>accutest used to do).
>Accuracy of course is a pre-requisite.
>Any suggestions or is 3/4 the best I can hope for?
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