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[IPk] Finally got pluged in to my MiniMed Pump. 08/10/01

Hi there every future pump person, my name's Donald.

Today I have been connected to my pump, The first week of the training.

I met up with the nurse at the Homerton London hospital in Tower Hamlets, the
nurse had a problem finding a room and a National Health nurse to meet up with
and in, as the London Whitechaple Hospital did not have a nurse available as
they have not been able to engage a replacement since the last one had left.

Ann was the nurse who met me and she came from Wales as the London based nurse
was on holiday, so she drove down to London to meet up with me, my appointment
was for 10:00 and she made it for 10:30.

On arriving in to the room she introduced me to a nurse from the Homerton just
to look at the pump and to see what happens to us in training and more so to
find out about the pump.

All three of us got on with my training Ann went through the first part of my
training asked me about  my insulin intake at the moment and the blood sugar
readings, this was to give her an idea of what insulin I will have to set on
the pump,

She showed me how to connect the pump to me with the needle what needles are
available, how to place the insulin into the pump the reservoir, how to
connect the reservoir to the pump the drive arms, how to connect the pump to
the tubing with the needle on, and starting up the pump so that the insulin
would arrive to the end of the tubing priming  I believe.

She showed me how to set a boluses that the meal insulin and the basal rates
that the insulin you will get all through the 24:00 hours, I have to say I am
not using the pump for the first week with insulin, but  sodium chioride
that's pure water, I am still injecting the insulin the same old way till I
get use to working the pump so insulin next week.

Hope this helps more next week.

Can I say hi to all the Isle Of Dogs Pampers
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