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[IPk] I think I know whats going on with Esprit meters, correct me if I'm wrong.

I have had some problems with my meter, it seems that if there is not enough blood to cometely fill the sencor a small air bubble forms and affects accressy,  unfortunately the meter still starts in these caces, if you look at the sencor while the meters processing you'll be able to see if theres a problem.

              Mark Aspey.

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Has anyone else had a problem with erroeneous results on
their Esprit meter?  It was my birthday yesterday and so we
went out to lunch.  No carb in the starter, v.little in the
main course (I only ate meat and green veg) and so I blew a
load on the pudding (Sticky toffee!!).  Anyway I had 6 units
to cover the pudding and 2 glasses of dry white wine (6 units
= 90 g CHO for me ) which should have been more than enough,
the pudding was a thinnish slice only (BGM prior to eating

Anyway a couple of hours later I was feeling unwell (sleepy,
dehydrated).  I tested my BG and got 4.3.  I had a plain bun
and carried on.  One hour later I was starting to feel sick.
I thought this was pretty weird, 2 glasses of wine at
lunchtime can send me to sleep but don't usually make me
nauseous.  I tested again 22.2!!.  5 units of insulin and 2
hours later it was back under 10 and I felt fine.  Didn't
bother having any further food and went to bed (4.8 this
morning so that was great.).  My meter must have been in
error with the 4.3 result, there was no way it went hypo and
then up on the re-bound.  I get good warnings of a hypo and
re-bounds are rare and slow.  I was struggling to get a good
drop of blood when I got the 4.3 result but I thought it was
OK.  I thought the esprit only bleeped when it had enough
blood but now I am wondering if it bleeps as soon as the
blood reaches the sensor.  Anyway it has spooked me.  Next
time I feel unwell I think I will double-check!


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