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[IPk] Wheat

I've just made a really weird discovery... a week ago I cut wheat out of my
diet. This was after private discussions with several people about coeliac
disease, and gluten/wheat allergy. I was curious to see what the results
were in me. I've replaced the wheat with similar amounts of other carbs
(potato/rice/corn etc). To my surprise the result has been unusually stable
bg results. The after-breakfast "blip" has disappeared. I'm now having corn
flakes and sweet espresso coffee - I used to have Bran Flakes or Honey
Loops (Loops fairly high in fibre btw). And all day my bg stays mostly
between 4 and 10. This has previously been only a fantasy for me!!! (Things
had been slipping lately - I was lucky to be getting 60% of my readings
between 4 and 10.)

I'm not jumping to conclusions too quickly. I know that whenever you alter
your diet the body takes a while settle down - so this may be what's
happening here. Don't know. But I've not altered it that much - just
changed my breakfast cereal, having ryevita instead of wheat bread with my
lunch (I know rye contains a small amount of gluten, but much less than
wheat I think), and I've removed the pastry-based puddings we often have
(We now have plums and custard, rice pudding etc. Very nice)

I've put my recent results up at
http://www.webshowcase.net/diabetes/archive/ (sorry about the missing week
- the sliding door jammed on my meter!) I've got a diabetes clinic
appointment in a few weeks time, and I'll discuss it with them then...


PS Coeliac is spelt celiac in the US

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