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[IPk] changing basals

I have found, like Di that my basal requirements change frequently. I often
rely on temporary decreases to 70 0r 80%
  and also, increaeses to 120 or 130%. I,m not sure why this is as my day to
day activities do not change drastically. i assume it's hormonal although it
doesn't follow a predictable pattern. Even with these adjustments i think
I'm being too conservative as i still managed to have around 5 hypos this
week( 3 of which were below 3 mmols). Also, during the days when i require
more insulin I don't manage to avoid hypers ( BG in teens) and premeal BG is
often 8 to 10 which in the year before i went on the pump I would have been
delighted with but now realise I'm not feeling at my best ( presumabley
because I'm spiking considerably higher than this after food)

Also I've recently had some hypos 1 to 2 hours after food during which I
really plummet ( because of humalog bolus). Sometimes this is because I over
bolus but it certainly wasn't due to this
do others find that their insulin carb ratios change along with basal
changes ( ie if basal rate has decreased do you find you need less insulin
per given amount of CHO)
I find hypos after food particularly annoying and distressing as obviously
this is one time where ou really don't expect it

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