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Re: [IPk] Insulin Requirements - Pumps v MDI

Hi Audrey,

Before I started on the pump in June 1998 I was using 76-80 units insulin a
day. I now average around 42 units a day.

Some days, if I feel virtuous, I only use around 32 units, others, when I
feel very picky (more often than not) I get up to 46-48 units. It just shows
how flexible the pump is and how easy it is to lead a normal life.

In my case, the the reduction has remained for the past two and half years
and does not seem as if it is going to return the bad old days.

Interestingly, Disetronic conducted a survey of 6378 pump users in 1998 that
showed that the average daily insulin requirement of the pump users was 43.1
units per day, with only minor differences between countries.

Of this 43.1 units per day the average basal usage was 23.0 units per day.

The average duration of pump therapy was 4.1 years.

I think these figures show that pump therapy works and will continue to do


John Davis

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