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Re: [IPk] Insulin Requirements - Pumps v MDI

>There was a comment from someone this week (I am afraid I did not keep the
>posting) about insulin requirement on the pump reducing initially, but then
>returning to MDI levels?  Is this the norm?
>I have found my insulin requirement has reduced by about 30%, and am hoping
>that I can maintain this.  Maybe not a realistic hope!

Audrey -

A quote from The Insulin Pump Therapy Book (pub MiniMed) p50:

"In our practice we have found that most pump users require approximately
25 percent less insulin than their total prepump insulin dose at pump
initiation and, longterm, stabilize at a 15 to 17 percent reduction
relative to the total daily prepump dose (unpublished data 1994)."

But we're all individuals, so you just take whatever you need. I've no idea
why insulin sensitivity should fall and rise - if indeed it does. I suspect
it is all hidden in the murky depths of the body's biochemistry...

I found my insulin requirement dropped from about 50-60 units a day prepump
to about 35-45 units, and it stayed there.


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