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Re: [IPk] actrpid vs humalog

>I'm an excellent example of this, I think.  My basal dose is returning to
>just short of where it was on injections. Blech.  I'm inclined to put this
>down to stress/less than optimal eating habits/slight weigh gain/moving
>house.  I'll know in two or three months, once I get back to my 'real' diet
>- that is, the foods I eat when I have a kitchen of my own!

Sounds like you're putting it down to "life", elizabeth, which is a
condition we all suffer from :-)

I find that when with my body, my insulin sensitivity etc, when I'm on over
40 units a day, I put on weight bit by bit. And when it's under 40, I shed
weight very slowly. But that's just for me! It's quite nice being able to
see in advance that I'm going to gain weight, rather than waiting to see it
on the bathroom scales :-)

Hope you get your kitchen soon... when we moved in here, we had no kitchen
for 2 weeks, and once I'd got sick of chinese takeaway, I remember playing
an electric hot air gun (those things you use for paint stripping) over the
base of saucepan to make quite satisfactory scrambled egg :o)


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