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RE: [IPk] Eating disorder

>I manily suffered me bulimia but as anyone with an eating disorder knows you
>never just have one i shifted from one to another days were i would eta and
>vomit and use laxatives not giving any insulin to produce ketsones to day
>even weeks were i would eta nothing so as you can see eating disorder suit
>there name vecause you holw life becomes a disorder and once you start there
>is never a weight or place in life you become happy with until you and only
>you are ready to ask for and acept help the road to recovery is a long and
>painful one but it can be done i just take time and support from the people
>who are close to you.

Pam -

I think it's also worth remembering that one of the central purposes of the
classical treatment of diabetes is to break down your natural relationship
with food. You are forbidden to enjoy food for what it is, and instead you
must view food as a control mechanism for this insidious disease. So food
comes to control you - and battle breaks out!

It is therefore not surprising that a very large proportion of people with
diabetes go on to develop eating disorders.

I think one of the great things about the pump is that it allows you
(within reason) to follow your appetite, rather than fighting an imposed


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