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Re: [IPk] actrpid vs humalog

>Thanks to you all for imparting that information. I just assumed everyone
>had Humalog for the pump I'm due to start soon and I really want to get it
>right because my BG goes so high sometimes I really want something that acts
>immediately . I know it said that actrapid wasn't suitable when I was on the
>pump before and was never given a satisfactory answer then maybe Humalog
>wasn't available then and come to think of it I was trying to get pregnant.

Carmel -

I forgot to mention, there is another insulin, NovoRapid, which was
released this year. It is much faster than Actrapid, but not as fast as
Humalog. I believe it can be used in pumps. I've no idea if it is
authorised for use in pregnancy, though. I'm sure you're aware: for drugs
to be approved for use in pregnancy they have to pass incredibly stringent
controls, since a fetus is very sensitive to unusual chemicals.

>I I was to change in the next couple of weeks are there any particular
>differences in dosages on MDI apart from working quicker? Thanks for your
>time Carmel

According to the books, people tend to start the pump on a slightly lowere
dose than on MDI, although the dose may rise again after a few weeks or
months. You just have to be quite cautious initially.


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