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RE: [IPk] Funding

Dear Pat, There are lots of ways patients can do this. I have been
thinking of this for sometime now and I would be inclined to get my
consultant to send a letter to the GP stating that it is recommended
therapy for you because of blah, blah, blah.... I would also be inclined
to get him to send a copy of his centre's stance on pump therapy
(statement) and / or the BDA/DUK position statement on the use of pump
therapy in the UK. You are more than welcome to give him our contact
details so he can become involved in PuMPS - although it may be of more
benefit to Health professionals starting to use pump therapy more than
your GP who may only have one patient on it (that being you).
I can send an attachment (advertisement for PUMPS, if others want to
take it to their centres if they aren't involved already I am more than
happy to forward it... would that be a good idea?  Who would I send it
Despite the idea of shared care about your diabetes between primary (GP)
and secondary care (Your consultant) I think ultimately it is your
consultant's responsibility to inform your GP of any changes to your
therapy. We would automatically have notes to do this as part of any
assessment for BDEC. I doubt the forum could have authorisation to send
a letter to your GP because we are not a part of your direct care
pathway. I agree that it is difficult, and perhaps may get the GP off
side to simply have the support group tell him what is happening with
his/her patient, because ultimately he should be in charge of this (it
is his drug's budget that will pay for your insulin etc..).
Hope that heps a bit,
Jules :)

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Hi Jules,

Does the team have a letter which we can ask to be sent to our GPs - I
am getting a pump (yes, really, at long last!)  My specialist is in
London (I live on the Surrey / Hants borders), and never talk to my GP
about diabetes.  I want my GP to be interested and involved, but don't
know what the protocol and procedure is for telling a GP about a pump.
My London doctor is completely oblivious to the role of the GP
(diabetics, of course, never get sick in any other way than diabetes!),
and doesn't communicate with the GP.

My GP is Dr Anderson, at Ash Vale Health Centre (and much as I'd hate
for him to hear that I'm getting a pump through a letter from a support
group, I guess that is better than hearing it from the patient!)

Best wishes,

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Kentish, Julette <email @ redacted> writes
>Just to remind those new-interested in pump therapy people who are not
>getting much support from my local diabetes team... that there is a
>professional group looking at education and support for health
>professionals promoting and using pump therapy. One of our ultimate
>goals is to look more closely at health (and wellbeing outcomes) to
>support for future funding. If your team is interested in taking part
>the forum, they are welcome to contact: Joan Everett DNS - or me in
>Bournemouth or Sandra Dudley in Harrogate. The group is aptly called
>PUMPs (PUmp management professionals - well we hope to be eventually).
>Thanks, Jules :)
>Ms Julette Kentish, BAppSC (NutSc) MND SRD
>Diabetes Research & Specialist Dietitian
>Royal Bournemouth Hospital
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>Bournemouth BH7 7DW
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>How encouragaing that more doctors/nurses/d-teams are getting on the 
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help SUPPORT Insulin Pumpers http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml