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[IPk] 508 remote

I used my 508 remote today for the first time. Can someone remind e if it
works on vibrate mode, or does it have to be in audio mode?  (I don't have
my manual with me!) it was kind of embarrassing over breakfast, that my bra
was playing a tune!

On another 508 note, my clip broke at the weekend.  (Aaaaagh!). My supplier
has sent another one on to me, but it's not in the cool-and-trendy Minimed
fashion colour my pump is in - instead, it's grey. I think my main
objection to a mismatched pump and clip is that it's obvious something's
banjaxed.  Now, most things in my life are banjaxed (including my pancreas,
of course), but I don't like it to be that obvious. So the grey clip will
be duly returned.


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