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Re: [IPk] actrpid vs humalog

I can't imagine not using humalog either.

Actually I was at the pub last night talking with a friend, and thinking how 
weird it would be to be able to rely just on your body, and not have to cart 
round all the supplies, and worry about balancing everything!

Seems like I have been doing it forever (only 9.5 years!)


>From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: Re: [IPk] actrpid vs humalog
>Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 16:41:35 +0200
> >I am a non-pumper, but I would thought that given that pumps are more 
>like a
> >healthy pancreas, and the fact that humalog starts to work almost 
> >away (unlike actrapid which takes 30 minutes to work), I would have 
> >humalog would be preferred by most pump users.
>One problem which I experience is that with me, infusion sets don't last as
>long with Humalog, compared with Actrapid. The fast action of the Humalog
>seems to wear out the ability of the fat to absorb the insulin. At least
>that is what it seems like to me. So I use Humalog because of its speed
>(which you can slow down with a squarewave bolus if necessary) and change
>set every 2 days.
>Also I'm told Actrapid is not "recommended" for pump therapy, as the
>insulin can more easily form crystals and block the tubing. Novo produce
>another insulin called Velosulin which is specially formulated to stop
>crystals forming. Some people find that mixing some Velosulin with Humalog
>can make the site absorb better, but this has absolutely no medical proof.
>And mixing a Lilly insulin (Humalog) with a Novo insulin (Velosulin)
>probably invalidates all warranties...
>It's funny - I can't imagine not using Humalog any more. If I want 3rd
>helpings of apple pie, that's a decision I will make after eating the first
>two helpings, and only then bolus accordingly.
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