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Re: [IPk] Basals and exercise

>However, pre breakfast I exercise for 30-40 mins (bike, cross trainer,
>stepper or the like).  At present I am trying to get my basal right for that
>period - basically cutting it back by 0.1 and seeing what happens, however,
>my BG's are dropping so rapidly!  I would be grateful for any advice from
>any of you on:
>*	how long should basal reduction for exercise last? - just while I
>exercise?  or a number of hours after?
>*	are there any standard figures for exercise basal reductions?
>*	will the rules I apply pre-exercise count if I exercise at other
>times of the day?

Hi Audrey
The most obvious question is: how long before you exercise are you reducing
your basal? A lot of people forget that you need to reduce it some time in
advance (in general).  I use Humalog, and for going to the gym, I need to
turn off my pump at least 30 mins before I exercise, often 45. For 90 mins.
workout, I leave it turned off for the first 45 mins. (when I'm doing the
CV stuff) and then turn it back onto full for the second 45 mins. I then
usually have to add about 0.5 units when I've finished.
For 2 hours' dancing, I turn it off 30 mins in advance, keep it switched
off for the first hour, and then put it back to full.
Some people need a lower rate for several hours afterwards. I tend to spike
afterwards, especially if it's intense exercise.
The amount and time you need to alter your dose by varies a lot according
to you, the type of exercise, time of day etc. Best just to experiment

For me, the time of day makes little difference, but whether I have insulin
in my system (apart from the basal) does make a difference - sends me low
very fast. But if you have a strong dawn phenomenon, or different rates for
different times of day, that's likely to make a difference.
Hope that helps.
Oh, and of course, things are different if you'r eusing Humalog or ACtrapid.


>Any suggestions gratefully received!
>As a matter of interest, pre-pump when I exercised in the morning by BG's
>would often spike from say 8.0 to 20+, or if I had woken with a bloody sugar
>greater than 10.0  I would always take 1u-2u of Humalog by pen to make by BG
>come down - which I now realise was basically a very crude basal!  
>Audrey Sheal
>IDDM - 20 years
>Pumper - 2 weeks and bit!
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