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[IPk] Basals and exercise

A Question for all you experienced pumpers out there...

I have been pumping now for just over two weeks and have managed (with
support from Dr!) to get my overnight basals so that I am now waking with
BG's of 5.5-8.0.  

However, pre breakfast I exercise for 30-40 mins (bike, cross trainer,
stepper or the like).  At present I am trying to get my basal right for that
period - basically cutting it back by 0.1 and seeing what happens, however,
my BG's are dropping so rapidly!  I would be grateful for any advice from
any of you on:
*	how long should basal reduction for exercise last? - just while I
exercise?  or a number of hours after?
*	are there any standard figures for exercise basal reductions?
*	will the rules I apply pre-exercise count if I exercise at other
times of the day?

Any suggestions gratefully received!

As a matter of interest, pre-pump when I exercised in the morning by BG's
would often spike from say 8.0 to 20+, or if I had woken with a bloody sugar
greater than 10.0  I would always take 1u-2u of Humalog by pen to make by BG
come down - which I now realise was basically a very crude basal!  

Audrey Sheal
IDDM - 20 years
Pumper - 2 weeks and bit!

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