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[IPk] Season of colds

>As you may imagine, I've been finding all these high BGs quite stressful
>and frustrating. It was complicated by a cold, so I couldn't be certain for
>a while if the BGs were from the cold or the changing hormonal pattern.

Has everybody got or had "the cold"? It's really hit me hard - the first
bad cold I've had since going on the pump nearly 3 years ago. I've had it
for nearly 2 weeks now, and unable to do any singing practice. My wife's
even pestering me to go to the doctor...

I raised my basal from 0.7 to 0.9 for a few days (I'm finding at the moment
that a constant basal rate gives me good enough control), and then dropped
it back to 0.7 as my bg kept drifting low, but now I've put it back up to
0.9 again. Weird. Can't wait for the cold to go.


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