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RE: [IPk] people on non flexible regimes

Hi Julette-

Nice to hear a medical professional coming up with a selection of
alternative injected insulin regimes. Most medical professionals I've
encountered seem to be puzzled and/or frightened that you might need a
slightly different regime.  And, of course, the biggest fear is that the
change will take up extra time that they feel they don't have

And speaking of change, I'd like to ask other 508 users out there how many
different basal patterns they use.  I think I actually need four different
ones a month - but the pump only has three:-(  My hormonal pattern is
changing again, and has been doing so since August, which means I have one
week every month where I wake up with fasting BGs anywhere between 8 and
16!  I had been using two basal profiles:  11.9 units total for most of the
month, and then 12.6 units for 7 days during my period.  It's looking like
a switch to 11.9 for the first week, 14.4 from about the 9th to the 16th of
every month (with a nighttime basal of .9!), then back down to something
between 12 & 13 with a higher but not as high nighttime basal (still don't
know what this will be because I'm in this phase now), back to the first
pattern except it needs a top-up during the night, which I hope to figure
out next week.

As you may imagine, I've been finding all these high BGs quite stressful
and frustrating. It was complicated by a cold, so I couldn't be certain for
a while if the BGs were from the cold or the changing hormonal pattern.

I just can't wait (inject tone of irony) to show all this to my consultant
next month, because the last time I saw him he didn't understand why I was
using a basal rate of .5 after breakfast and .4 after lunch.  Surely, he
says, that small an amount won't make a difference!


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