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[IPk] Do we produce Glucagon ?

From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IPk] people on non-flexible regimes

The kidneys look after that side of things... When your bg gets above the
"renal threshhold" (typically about 10 mmol/L, but it varies) the kidneys
filter out the excess glucose into the urine. But they can only do this
slowly, so it can stay above 10 for a long time. And that's why in the good
old days we would test our urine for glucose, rather than our blood. A
little glucose in the urine meant we were only just over 10, and that was

At the other end, in hypo zone (typically 2 to 4 mmol/L) the body produces
its own glucose, or it releases hormones to stop the insulin working so
well. Again, this is a slow procedure, and is often overwhelmed by too much


I've been wondering about a diabetics ability to produce other hormones
like Glucagon for some time. 
As I understand it (and I might be wrong), in a non-diabetic person,
Glucagon is one of the counter balancing hormones to insulin and is
released from the pancreas  to get the liver to mobilise glycogen when
blood sugars are low (adrenalin and cortisol are others which we still have
which also do the same).

QUESTION - Do we (diabetics) have any Glucagon production at all ? As we go
hypo lots more regularly than non-diabetics I thought not. Or is Glucogon
production just reduced without its complementary hormone - insulin - being
secreted. If so, can we get some return in its function when we inject
insulin ? Or is Glucagon just too slow to stop a exercise or insulin
induced hypo ? 


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