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Re: [IPk] people on non-flexible regimes

>If I 'only' have heart disease after fifty years of diabetes, I'll be well
>pleased! Frankly, that scares me a lot less than losing my sight or a foot
>or leg.  Strange way of thinking, isn't it? My heart is certainly more
>important in the scheme of things than my sight or my extremities!

Most people seem to fear blindness most of all, out of all the possible
complications. Personally I find things like neuropathy and kidney
disease much more frightening - neuropathy because of the pain, and kidney
disease because of the general disruption to your life. And heart disease
too. Blindness doesn't kill you, and it doesn't tend to hurt either. Nor
does amputation, as long as you have an anaesthetic when they do it :-)
But then maybe I'm just a wimp.

I think one of the scariest things about blindness is that it tends to hit
very early on, whereas heart disease comes later (for type Is, that is).
So maybe people are scared of it because it's more immediate.

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