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Re: [IPk] people on non-flexible regimes

>It would seem there are quite a few who do not alter their regime.  So if
>your father eats what he's given and goes high, then he has the same doseage
>for the next meal and eats his normal meal, that suggests to me he's still
>going to be high after the meal - in fact ad infinitum.  How does he, or
>anyone else in the same circumstances, get back on an even keel if he
>doesn't correct?  It baffles me.

The kidneys look after that side of things... When your bg gets above the
"renal threshhold" (typically about 10 mmol/L, but it varies) the kidneys
filter out the excess glucose into the urine. But they can only do this
slowly, so it can stay above 10 for a long time. And that's why in the good
old days we would test our urine for glucose, rather than our blood. A
little glucose in the urine meant we were only just over 10, and that was

At the other end, in hypo zone (typically 2 to 4 mmol/L) the body produces
its own glucose, or it releases hormones to stop the insulin working so
well. Again, this is a slow procedure, and is often overwhelmed by too much


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