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RE: [IPk] Funding of Designated Specialist Centres for Diabetic Insulin Pump Users

Despite all the will in the world, some people are not going to want to
change until something motivates them otherwise. He may feel in his
life, he has enough to cope with giving these injections without even
worrying about doing more blood tests. Either way, it is his choice,
regardless of whether we may think he should test more or go on a pump.
I guess he is an example of the point, although a pump is often
convenient and helps individuals get good control, it isn't for
everyone... and obviously he feels it isn't for him.jules :)

I don't really like discussing other people behind their backs, but I'm
going to anyway :-)
It's not for lack of info - I collared this guy at the  barbeque in
question, demonstrated my pump, got talking about testing, etc. 
Ostentatiously ate and drank and bolused accordingly.
Sent him all the info about IP-UK, pumps, etc. on email.
And he's a big fan of the Internet. 
Offered him a free BG meter.
My office is only a few yards away from his if he wants to talk.
At the time, he seemed really interested. Since then, he's shown
no interest.

I think it's more a case of feeling that you're OK as you are and not
realising that things could be a lot better. Like my dad who's stuck to
twice daily mix of short and long-acting. He's seen how much more
flexibility I had on MDI and now the pump, but he doesn't have a problem
with what he does because he's done it for 50 years and survived. 
Despite having to eat lunch at precisely 1pm or he goes hypo. And he has
to eat a fixed amount of carbs at each meal, because he won't adjust his
insulin to match the carbs, although he knows how much carb he needs to
eat. If someone else cooks the meal, he eats what he's given, and takes
same insulin as usual, despite the fact that it might have more or less
carbs than is appropriate for the insulin. And then goes high or later
accordingly.  The fact hat he could have a better life on MDI is
that he can't grasp. There's no real reason for him not to try it, and
has the info - even his doctor has asked him repeatedly if he wants to
it -  but he won't because he doesn't see the need.
I've given up trying to persuade him. 
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