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RE: [IPk] Funding of Designated Specialist Centres for Diabetic Insulin Pump Users

It would seem there are quite a few who do not alter their regime.  So if
your father eats what he's given and goes high, then he has the same doseage
for the next meal and eats his normal meal, that suggests to me he's still
going to be high after the meal - in fact ad infinitum.  How does he, or
anyone else in the same circumstances, get back on an even keel if he
doesn't correct?  It baffles me.

. Like my dad who's
> stuck to his
> twice daily mix of short and long-acting. He's seen how much more
> flexibility I had on MDI and now the pump, but he doesn't have a problem
> with what he does because he's done it for 50 years and survived.
> Despite having to eat lunch at precisely 1pm or he goes hypo. And he has
> to eat a fixed amount of carbs at each meal, because he won't adjust his
> insulin to match the carbs, although he knows how much carb he needs to
> eat. If someone else cooks the meal, he eats what he's given, and
> takes the
> same insulin as usual, despite the fact that it might have more or less
> carbs than is appropriate for the insulin. And then goes high or later
> accordingly.

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