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Re: [IPk] Funding of Designated Specialist Centres for Diabetic Insulin Pump Users

>It is quite
clear from all the clinical evidence that there is a great need for
improvement in the educational aspects for intensive control of glucose
levels. The only unique thing about pumpers (as a group now, not as
individuals) is that they use a particular mechanical device to administer
their insulin.

The difficult part of Diabetes control seems to me (As a non-diabetic) this
whole matter of balancing insulin + food to get the right degree of
This is just as valid for people on MDI as on CSII.

I agree completely, Ray!

I met with a woman Wednesday night who is being recommended for pump
therapy. I met her thorugh a different list, and we agreed to meet so I
could show her a pump and talk about what you need to do on a pump.  One of
my big concerns was to introduce carb counting, because what they teach in
Rep of Ireland is 'healthy eating' and 'the food pyramid'.

This woman is, technically, on MDI, because she takes three shots of
actrapid a day, and two of Insulatard. We met in the evening in a quiet
pub, where we had a meal.  She had ten units of Actrapid, and then ordered
what turned out to be chicken breast on a bed of iceberg lettuce - for  a
total carb count of 2.5g! She thought she was being healthy, when what she
actually did was set herself up for hypoglycaemia.  And this is her
clinic's fault, because they have everyone taking the same dose of insulin
at the same time of day regardless of what they eat.

I won't even bother having the rant.


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