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RE: [IPk] no delivery and knots

>Oh, another of those "duh" moments.  Now I understand and it all makes
>sense.  But that begs the question, how can you pick up that you've got air
>bubbles?  I would have thought that they were devilishly hard for you to

That is exactly my problem. I can only really tell when they come out of
the tubing - or rather, when *no insulin* comes out of the tubing when I
test it (having disconnected it first). By which time it's too late!
So, I try to avoid getting them there in the first place, and I refill
before I get to the end, since I know from experience that's where they
tend to lurk.
I also clip my pump on *upside down* when possible, which means if there
are any air bubbles they go to the plunger end rather than the tubing end
of the reservoir.
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