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Re: [IPk] Funding of Designated Specialist Centres for Diabetic Insulin Pump Users

This is not a new idea, both Disetronic and MiniMed have for some time been
trying to set up "Centres of Exellence" in regional hospitals across the UK.
The problem is to convince the medical professionals that pump therapy works
and to be prepared to set aside enough time to be trained in it.

In the real world, what happens is that the hospital say they want to
in the training of new pump patients, but when it comes to the actual event,
DSN, in most cases, just "pops in and out," leaving the supplier's Nurse
to get on with the initial training. As for the consultants!! They very
rarely show.
I am sure that Disetronic and MiniMed will confirm this. In addition both
and MiniMed send reams of information and literature to consultants, which
ends up being filed in the "Bin." At the recent INPUT Open Day in Milton
we sent out invitations to all the consultants and nurses in the area, from
to High Wycombe,  to Northampton and Hillingdon, not one of them made an

In an ideal world, suppliers should be involved with the hospitals in the
initial training and support. Then the hospitals should take over continuing
support, after all pump patients are diabetics, and most of the problems
will be diabetes related. This would leave Disetronic, MiniMed and any
others who may decide to enter the UK market, to find and train new "Centres
of Excellence."

As far as the funding of these centres is concerned, we at INPUT believe
this should be done by central goverment through Local Health Authorities
and Primary Care Groups, a policy which is gaining ground rapidly. There are
many LHA's and PCG's already funding pump patients. Unfortunately, it is
much a case of "Post Code" prescribing. At present you have to put forward a
good case, but we can help with this.

We have also been involved with Diabetes UK in writing to the NICE
part of that letter reads;

"Diabetes UK would therefore like to recommend that insulin pump therapy is
appraised by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). NICE
guidance would be welcomed by people with diabetes and health professionals

Some Members of Parliament are also behind us and they are very interested
in individual cases, and are prepared to fight for their constituents

Pump Therapy in the UK is on the way, the number of users has DOUBLED in the
past 9 months, (there are over 500 of us now), but there is still much to be
done. The number of diabetologists and DSN's who are convinced that pumps
work, grows daily, but the main area of concern is to convince the rest of
medical professionals that pumps do work and they do not "kill people." They
the way forward for motivated diabetics. Only then will we see a growing
number of
regional "Centres of Excellence."

John Davis

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