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[IPk] Funding of Designated Specialist Centres for Diabetic Insulin Pum p Users

What case?  Are you talking about either/ors
either pumpers go to centres of excellence, or they go to normal
diabetic clinics, (or even that they go just to their GPs, as some
diabetics do)?

Centres of Excellence have some plus points:
the doctors and other professionals will be familiar with pumps

They also have negative points:
If the proportion of pumpers in this country was the same as in the
states, I guess one clinic in each NHS trust would be a 'centre of
excellence', not half a dozen nationally (I guess the latter rather than
the former is being thought of). 
Pumping will continue to be seen as 'special', 'a last resort',
something that only specialist centres can handle, and one in a thousand
(or fewer) type1's need.
If the pumper has to use their local NHS trust for other treatment, and
diabetes specialist advice is needed, it won't be pump-savvy advice, as
the local diabetologist will never have seen a pump.

I would argue, rather than a small number of centres of excellence
(small = anything less than one per trust), that there should be a
clinic education team or teams which would attend clinics, teaching
staff and then patients about pumps.

Just putting the extra money into pumps and letting the patients educate
their doctors may be the most effective use.

Actually, I would make a case for saying 'we don't know what the most
cost-effective way of doing this is.  Let's have a centre of excellence
in, say Manchester.  Let's give, say, Birmingham, a team that goes and
teaches clinics, and lets give, say, Edinburgh, a budget.
Keep some money back for an evaluation at the end.  Each given a
population of diabetics.  At the end, count, How many pumpers?  What
decrease in hba1c? What improvement/stasis in quality of life?

I can project manage this for a mere 30,000 a year .... and a pump, of

Best wishes to all,


In message <email @ redacted>,
Cork Phillip <email @ redacted> writes
>While attending a meeting on Commissioning of Specialised Services on
>Monday, I spoke to Barbara Gill (Head of Specialised Commissioning, London
>Region) about possible support for centres of excellence nationally that
>provide support for Diabetic Insulin Pump Users in NHS Trusts. She was very
>receptive to the idea but asked for a case to be made. Can anyone help in
>putting together a case for separate funding of these centres? The timetable
>is tight but I am sure someone may already have something that can help.
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Pat Reynolds
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   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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