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RE: [IPk] no delivery and knots

>I have found that when I'm down to the dregs of the reservoir, I tend to get
>raised (unexplained) bgs.  It's only when I bolus to correct, nothing
>happens so I bolus again that it finally alarms.  Very annoying.

Hi Annie -

In addition to what Michael has said, do check that the No Delivery alarm
in working properly. I don't know which box it came from when, but I have a
little blue clippy thing that you can wedge the tubing into in order to
block it intentionally. (I think this dates from the old days when you
couldn't disconnect, and some people liked to take the cartridge out of the
pump with the clip in place and put it back in after they'd had a shower)

Anyhow, I tried this today, and it alarmed after 2.3 units. My previous
pump (which is being serviced at the moment) used to alarm after 1.0 units.

If you have significant amounts of air bubbles in the cartridge, this will
delay the alarm going off, since the bubbles must get compressed first.

I swear I used to get more of these nearly-empty no delivery alarms, but I
don't seem to get them any more. I wonder if MiniMed have improved their
production technique, and you have old stock in New Zealand? The expiry
date of my current box of cartridges is May 2005.


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