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RE: [IPk] no delivery and knots

> I have found that when I'm down to the dregs of the reservoir, I
> tend to get raised (unexplained) bgs.  It's only when I bolus to
> correct, nothing happens so I bolus again that it finally alarms. 
> Very annoying.

Familiar problem.  The pump syringes are very slightly tapered so 
that the mold insert that they are made on can be removed after the 
plastic hardens. If the lubricant in the syringe is not evenly 
spread when you put it in your pump, the fit to the plunger can 
become so tight that the pump can not move the plunger. To help 
alleviate this problem, cycle the plunger up and down 2-3 times while 
turning it before loading with insulin. This will insure that the 
lubricant is evenly spread AND reaches all the way to the bottom of 
the syringe. After 2 uses, the lubricant is pretty much washed away, 
so repeated use of the syringe is not recommended (it's only supposed 
to be used once anyway).

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