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Re: [IPk] Sites

>It's quite hard to do anything destructive to the connector with either
Sofsets or Silhouettes.

I've managed to create lose connectors quite recently.  I think it's
because I only change my line when I refill my reservoir - and that can be
ten days or more sometimes. Then, it depends on how often you disconnect
from the set.  I remember that the Sofsets instructions state specifically
that you can disconnect only up to ten times.

With the silhouettes, you can try to put your connector in right side up or
upside down.  If you try upside down, it won't go in at all.  If you do it
properly, it should click in immediately.  My recent experience has taught
me that if the connector is right way 'round and it doesn't make that
immediate and satisfying 'click' as I slide it in, then I need to change my
line because the connector is banjaxed.

I ended up in a public toilet on Sunday with my knickers 'round my knees
trying to change the line without dropping everything on that _very_
sanitary floor, because my connector actually separated from the set. And
if you haven't tried a thigh site before and are thinking about it,
consider carefully the placement of your line and your knickers! :-)


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